Hayk Khachatryan

Yerevan, Armenia
+374 (0) 93 981571

Carbon Consultant, UCL Theoretical Physics graduate (First Class Honors), and Software Engineer tackling the climate crisis.


Theoretical Physics BSc


University College London

2016-09 — 2019-06

Achieved a degree with First Class Honors

  • Practical Mathematics and Computing I & II (Python and Mathematica): 84% & 86%
  • Mathematical Methods II & III: 91% & 91%
  • Climate & Energy: 83%
  • Representative for 30 Physics students


Carbon Consultant


DAR Foundation

2020-07 — Present

Coordinated the environmental wing of a large scale sustainable development project in rural Armenia.

  • Measured and analyzed total carbon footprints of one urban and five rural communities in Armenia.
  • Established a Carbon Footprint Management Plan to reduce net emissions over a 20 year timescale.
  • Supervised and liaised with a team of biodiversity experts.

Software Engineering Intern



2018-07 — 2018-09

Designed and developed a quantum computer simulator in C++. Lectured on quantum computation.

C++ - OOP - Quantum Computing - Communication - Problem solving

Freelance Web Development

2015-01 — 2018-04

Developed full stack, responsive websites for my clients.

  • JekyllNow, Wordpress
  • Bootstrap, Polymer
  • LAMP stacks
HTML 5 - CSS3 / SASS - Flexbox - Handlebars - JS - PHP - Node.js - gulp.js - Flask



The Lamb Tavern

2019-11 — 2020-01

Provided excellent bar service and guest satisfaction in high-volume, fast-paced bar.

  • Utilized knowledge of mixed beverages, specialty liquors and craft beers to serve customers and provide wait staff with well prepared drinks in a timely fashion.
  • Stocked and tracked inventory and supplies.
  • Maintained a clean and organized work area.
  • Followed safety, sanitation and legal policies for handling food and beverages.
  • Developed excellent customer relations.
  • Prepared orders in fast-paced environment.
Customer Service - Communication - Organization

Sales Account Manager



in Limassol, Cyprus 2016-03 — 2016-05

Addressed clients' issues with their finances and resolved their concerns with investments. Improved my communication skills through the high pressure environment of finance sales.

CRM - Windows - VOIP - Communication

Independent Social Media Consultant

2015-02 — 2015-08

Launched social media presences and designed advertising campaigns that increased my clients' following by over 60%.

Facebook - Instagram

IT Assistant



in Yerevan, Armenia 2013-07

Diagnosed and troubleshooted networking and technical issues at the IT department of an office of 50 employees.

Problem solving - Logical thinking

Intern Mechanic



in Yerevan, Armenia 2011-07

Repaired and serviced ATVs, jetskis, and snowmobiles at the mechanical department of the BRP Service Center.

Problem solving






Kombucha recipe calculator built using Hyperapp.

Javacsript - hyperapp - HTML - CSS - Frontend



Does IKEA Have New Plants Today?


Flask webapp that checks the IKEA UK API to see if they have released any new plants today.

Python - Flask - PSQL - PostgreSQL - HTML - CSS - heroku




2018-07 — 2018-09

Quantum computer simulator library built in C++.

C++ - OOP - Quantum Computing - Communication - Problem solving





Flask & SocketIO based webapp that connects with a Slack workspace and carries messages between the two (Hayk (owner) talks from Slack, user talks from webapp).

Python - Flask - HTML - CSS - Javascript - SocketIO - heroku

Molecular Dynamics Researcher


Can Hot Water Freeze Faster Than Cold Water?

2019-01 — 2019-03

A university research project tasked with investigating the effects of impurities and differing starting temperatures on the freezing of water.

  • Designed multiple molecular dynamics simulations in LAMMPS investigating the effects of impurities on the freezing of water.
  • Analyzed the data, comparing to data gathered by the experimental team.
  • Visualized our results using VMD and Jupyter.
  • Assembled our research in LaTeX.
  • Transcribed minutes for some meetings.
  • Chaired some meetings.
MD simulations - LAMMPS - VMD - LaTeX - Communication - Leadership - Python - Jupyter

Systems Engineer and Liaison Officer


Intergrated Engineering Challenge #2: Global Health

2015-11 — 2015-12

A university project where a a multi-disciplinary team of specialist engineers formulate, design and verify an effective strategy for the production and distribution (and monitoring) of a vaccine to combat a Tuberculosis Pandemic in Sub Saharan Africa.

  • Designed and developed a control system for the temperature, pH, and stirring of a bio-reactor.
  • Developed in C and Processing on a Launchpad microprocessor.
  • Liaised with engineers from other disciplines on specifications and requirements.
C - Processing - Communication - Leadership


Delegate of Iran


Mediterranean Model United Nations

in Nicosia, Cyprus 2015-02

A simulation of the United Nations, done by students from various schools as they discuss and try to find solutions to current world problems.

  • Debated and discussed issues in a formal UN-like setting.
  • Created resolutions to be debated.
Communication - Debating - Public speaking - Research

Member of Medical Ethics committee


Youth Voice

in Nicosia, Cyprus 2014-04

An annual weekend conference where young people between the ages of 15-19 from schools convene to discuss and express themselves on current affairs.

  • Debated and discussed various ethical issues in the medical field.
Communication - Debating - Public speaking - Research



Science Rocks

in Limassol, Cyprus 2013-03

'Does anything touch?'

  • Gave a speech on how no particles ever really touch as a consequence of the electromagnetic force.
Communication - Debating - Public speaking


Technical Consultant


Limassol Phoenician Leo’s Charity Club

2014-09 — 2015-07

Helped raise €5365 over two charity events (October - December 2014)

  • Social media management
  • Graphic design
Facebook - Photoshop - Delegation - Communication


Skill Keywords
Web (intermediate) HTML 5 CSS 3 / SASS Polymer Google Analytics
Programming (intermediate) Python Mathematica Git
Programming (beginner) C++ Java C Haskell Javascript
Cloud (intermediate) DigitalOcean
Software (advanced) Photoshop Lightroom Final Cut Pro spreadsheets
Languages (native) English Armenian